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Elevate  your gifts and lifetime memories with calligraphy and engraving!

Moments for eternity!



Michi is a calligrapher and engraver artist based near Düsseldorf and Cologne.

She specializes in on-site live events, brand activations and custom work for special projects.

"I love to create unforgettable moments and capture them forever!"

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Michi provides a unique and exclusive experience,  connecting the customers to the brand creating memorable moments.

My services include bespoke calligraphy and engraving on products.



Calligraphy is a great way to make a name or phrase special. Calligraphy is the art of writing putting words together beautifully and elegant in harmony. Unforgettable moments and words  preserved forever in the flow of ink.

Calligraphy can be added on cards, gift boxes, tags, paper bags, acrylic tags.
Special calligraphy tools and high-quality inks in black, white and gold are used.

Other high-quality colors are also available on request.


Memories are mostly documented on paper. Your words can also be engraved on perfume bottles, wine and liquor  bottles, cosmetics, stones, leather or selected metals - almost all materials are suitable for engraving too.
The high-quality ink is also available in gold and silver, giving the product a special shine.


Although champagne bottles cannot be engraved, they can be artistically personalised with brush lettering using waterproof inks. Brush lettering can also be apply to materials such as textiles and ceramics.

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Opalweg 8, 50259 Pulheim

+49 (0) 15207294283

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