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The digital book  is suitable for beginners for those who want to learn  the basic foundation of calligraphy.

Learning calligraphy on one's own can be very challenging,  through my book, I will share with you all my tips  of my experience. 

Michi´s Modern Calligraphy Digital Workbook

19,00 €Preis
  • The digital workbook is suitable for beginners who want to learn the basics of calligraphy and also for advanced learners who want to further improve their style. In my book I will give you many tips that will make learning calligraphy easier.

    The workbook has a  total 85 pages including introduction, rules, tips, guidelines,practice sheets and templates. You can download it and printed at once or page by page.

    This product is for personal use only. 

    Please do not copy, replicate or distribute this product.

    Also includes: 

    - Schedule a 40 min. private Zoom call with me for an introduce you  to Modern calligraphy and any questions you have about the workbook and tools. 

    PLUS, by purchasing this workbook, you also get access to a private FB group that provides you with new content and updates. Here you can, for example, share your work with the group and get answers to all your questions from other students and myself.

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